Mad Max: Black and Chrome – So Shiny! So Chrome!

Currently, Mad Max: Fury Road is in limited release around the country in black and white. I got the privilege of viewing the film at the Cinerama – a fantastic state of the art cinema in Seattle. It was incredible. Fury Road is a fantastic film in color – the super bright orange and greenish hues especially highlighted the explosions, and well chrome against the Namib desert in which it was filmed. However, to view the film in black and white is a whole other exercise completely. Although it was my second time viewing the film I believe taking away the color highlighted some of the details for me. The film is chock full of tiny amazing details – such as the Brannock device used as a gas pedal in the war rig to the intricate arm prosthetic that Charlize Theron wears. Light and dark was also highlighted – both contrasting each other and illuminating the natural light of the desert. Without the usual explosion of color I felt more engaged in the film’s feminist story and able to truly watch the acting despite the near constant action. The film felt grittier and more realistic – and the fact that over 80% of the stunts were done without CGI really shines. The Mad Max franchise is really one of the coolest post apocalyptic worlds in fiction. I heartily recommend seeing this version – whether its the first time seeing this film or the tenth. Mad Max: Black and Chrome truly reveals George Miller’s vision for the fourth installment in the franchise, and brings you in deep to the Wasteland.



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