Kin – Picking Up Where Most Horror Stories End

The premise is intriguing: Kealan Patrick Burke’s novel Kin begins with a tortured, beaten traumatized survivor, fleeing her tormentors. She is left piecing together her life, and trying to move forward – a luxury her three dead friends do not get. The first chapter is harrowing and nauseating, describing the horrors she fled – reminiscent of the family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Deliverance. I actually though a couple times I didn’t want to keep reading. My friend who loaned me the book encouraged me to finish it, and finish it I did in a few days. After the initial start, the story takes a quick left turn giving you a glimpse of the terrible family who lives in the backwoods and loves to torture and kill anyone unfortunate enough to find their way on their property. The best part of this family is one character in particular  – to avoid giving anything away I will just refer to her as the Matriarch of the clan. Then the story jumps again to a war vet and brother of one of the dead victims and suddenly the story becomes a tale of revenge. And let me tell you what – you want revenge. The villains are vile and disgusting and terrifying. And that is where the strength of this book lies – Burke is able to write about the antagonists in a way that he gives them a little humanity. It causes the reader to try to see things from their side – to try to understand how a character can do such horrendous things. And you can’t. Despite the little bit of intimacy you gain from seeing the inter workings of the clan – there is still no excuse, no good reason for what they do. So you root and cheer for their demise. The last part of the book is what I would call action – but let me warn you things don’t go as well as you might want them to. This book is a quick read and a fun one at that. I heartily recommend if you are in the mood for a fun horror story with larger then life characters that will keep you up at night.


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