Wildlike – A Gentle Walk Through Hazardous Terrain

Sometimes the darkest stories lend the most hope. Wildlike from indie director Frank Hall Green is a sleepy study of Mackenzie, a young abused teenager on the run (played by Ella Purnell) after her trust is heart breakingly betrayed. She finds hope in an unlikely middle aged man (Bruce Greenwood, from Star Trek) in the Alaskan wilderness and they make a human connection they both desperately need. The subject matter is heavy and uncomfortable, but it is done with grace. Green does a lot with a small budget – and the result is a polished film. The breathtaking scenery is the perfect backdrop to the film – adding a balance of beauty to the ugly reality of Mackenzie’s life. The pace is slow but not too slow  burning- just enough to let the plot unravel slowly and quicken at the denouement. This technique lends the ending gravity and depth.The acting is excellent – Purnell conveys so much emotion through her large, expressive eyes – often without saying a word. She is excellent in this role, and Greenwood compliments her with his veteran experience. Don’t let the subject matter dissuade you – Wildlike  is a beautiful film which captures both the fragility and toughness of nature – and the human spirit. I heartily recommend.


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