The Walking Dead – Beauty is in the (Grisly) Details

I was, let’s say a little pissed off disappointed by the season 6 finale. So, I turned to the graphic novel that was the basis of the tv show. The pictures are breathtaking they really add a whole new dimension to the story of Rick Grimes and his “people” – others who have banded together to attempt survival in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. At many times throughout the book, the pictures would show a panning out – so the reader sees the entire gruesome scene – or is forced to pause and reflect on what just occurred. This moves the dialogue and story  long quite nicely. Even when the story was revolving around character development , it marched along at a quick clip. The action was quick and I found myself often excitedly turning page after page, unable to put down the heavy volume (comics 1-48 printed on thick paper. I propped up the book and read it on a table as it was so heavy). I just put Compendium 2 on my library hold list, I can’t wait to see what happens next, and to continue to compare the story arc between the book and show. I especially can’t wait to see what this whole Neegan mess is all about… I heartily recommend.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Beauty is in the (Grisly) Details

  1. I haven’t seen Season 6 yet; now I guess I will have to, just to see what “disappointed” you- ha! I was getting a little annoyed in the last couple seasons before 6- nothing was ever getting resolved. It was like a nightmare inside a nightmare!


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