Goosebumps – Fun For The Unjaded

The modern world is a scary place. In the information age, this is something we are constantly being reminded of. Sometimes the pull of childhood memories is too strong to resist, beckoning into a sweet, innocent place where such ideas as evil ventriloquist dummies are actually the scariest thing one has read or could possibly imagine. Enter Goosebumps, a perfect diversion after a long week of adulting. Oh, how I loved Goosebumps when I was a child! There was no better (and still isn’t) escapism then getting lost in a scary story. However, with most adaptations of books, I read I try to go into the film with an open mind, and not a fan girl chip on my shoulder. It can be pretty disappointing (ahem, more like soul crushing) when one is so invested in a story it has become a sort of reality, and the film representation is not even close to it. Choosing Goosebumps that evening I was looking for a mood boost, a reminder of simpler times. It delivered. Now, it was not amazing, or mind blowing, but it worked. It was sweet and funny. Jack Black does an excellent job, as well as the rest of the cast. It was fun and silly, and short. And best of all, it featured Slappy the Dummy. For a good time, I recommend.


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