Captain America: Civil War – A Whole Lot of Expected, A Little Bit of Unexpected

I am not a super fan of Captain America. In fact, as I have mentioned before I am very much a DC Comics type of girl. I much prefer the brooding darkness of Gotham City and it’s underlying representation of the erosion of current society then the flashy, bright straight superheros of the Avengers (except for Deadpool and X-Men of course). However, a fun superhero movie can be just that – fun. No worries, no pretenses just straight popcorn. I went into Civil War with this mindset, and I fully received what I expected. What I didn’t expect, however, was for the main plot to be a meta analysis of the destruction and violence colorfully glorified in all superhero flicks. The body count adds up, the destruction of buildings and infrastructure reigns – but all that matters in the end is if our superhero defeats the mega boss. Why worry about the destruction of a city when it means saving the human race? I was pleased that rather than just watching the civil war between The Avengers crew (minus Thor of course) erode and splinter the faction, viewers were treated to a very self aware examination of what it means to throw the baby out with the bath water, per say. I didn’t expect a side of philosophical ethics with my popcorn, but daresay I really enjoyed it. Consider me pleasantly surprised – and guaranteed to see any and all future Captain America/Avengers films moving forward. Oh yeah, and the fight scenes were pretty awesome. I suggest 3D. I heartily recommend.


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