Life Partners – Not So Fresh

In my continuing quest to find independent – or rather, any – films that pass the Bechdel Test , I excitedly sat down to view Life Partners. I do not like romantic comedy in general (unless it is edgy or unique), but films about best friends or siblings interest me. Especially when they involve strong female leads navigating the challenges of adult friendship. Although this film has some humorous moments, it fell flat. Because of this, the set up regarding two best friends – one a lesbian – felt a little gimmicky. The little bit about the lead’s sexual orientation seemed force, and thrown in there to try to freshen up a stale plot. I think the problem lies in that the characters don’t seem very unique – or rather, like real people. One is a very successful environmental lawyer – the other, a struggling musician. The dialogue flows well but stumbles on the fact that not much new is happening here. Little character growth was to be had, and I felt I was waiting for something to happen throughout the entirety of the film. It is unfortunate, but I would definitely call this film unforgettable. Not terrible, but jut meh. I reluctantly recommend – if you have nothing else to watch.


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