Keanu – Kitty Cat Gangsta

In a world where cats are enjoying more popularity then ever, I can’t imagine a better film premise: man finds cat, cat used to belong to drug cartel, opposing drug cartel steals cat, man is thrust into a violent seedy underbelly to retrieve cat. Really, with that type of set up, the jokes are limitless. Key and Peele – popular comedic duo headline this film and carry it well. Their chemistry and opposing characters set up a myriad of gags. Although the film could get pretty forgettable and run of the mill quickly, it kept me laughing. Especially when the gangsters show their “sweet side” and Key and Peele – two very normal dudes – try their hand at being violent, fear mongering warlords of the streets. I saw this one in the theatre – but just renting it would have fine as well. Of course, not the most original movie – but the tone, jokes and characters delivered the laughs. I recommend.


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