Deadpool – Funny, If You Get the Jokes

There are two warring camps in the comic universe: Marvel Vs. DC. I tend to prefer the darker, grittier worlds of DC, as opposed to the shiny, colorful superhero worlds of Marvel, but I have been a fan of the X-Men Universe since I was a wee one (Ok Daredevil is pretty cool too, Marvel). So I went into Deadpool expecting a lot of cheeky humor. I was not disappointed. However, my partner who accompanied me knows very little about comic books in general and isn’t too excited by superhero flicks. I often let out a gufaw, belly laugh, even a little chortle here and there. (Did I mention the movie is funny? Because it’s hilarious). My partner would look at me confused. After the showing, he admitted to me he didn’t get most of the jokes. “Even the wolverine ones?!” Nope. He also said it was too violent. It was extremely violent, but in a self aware, Kill Bill over the top kind of way. One of the few ways I like my violence in films. Anyways, if you are knowledgeable about Xaviers School of Gifted Youngsters, and the inhabits of it, and are also familiar with superhero movies in general, than this is the movie for you! If not, I would suggest skipping it. The dirty, off color, disgusting and fabulous jokes just keep coming throughout he movie, which is layered with biting satire and colorful cartoonish violence. It has great action scenes, and somehow Deadpool comes across as…. charming?…. by the end.  Deadpool truly is the type of movie you eat popcorn with and just… enjoy. I heartily recommend – for comic book fans. Oh and if you want to avoid a very awkward time, don’t watch this with your parents or grandparents… please! 


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