10 Cloverfield Lane: A Clever Ride

I admittedly avoid movie previews as much as possible. I often feel that I have seen the entire movie after a standard preview, and I much prefer to be surprised or at least see scenes for the first time when I view a film. I happened to see the trailer for 10¬†Cloverfield Lane¬†before another film at the theater. I turned to my partner and said, we definitely need to see that. It looked great. And better yet, it gave very little away. Going into the film today I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to see a horror, thriller, mystery or sci – fi flick. I won’t reveal what it is, to avoid giving too much away. This is definitely a film that benefits from knowing as little possible. The writing, characters, direction were all on point, building suspense and keeping the viewer guessing at just about every scene. I found myself constantly guessing what the genre was as I was viewing the film. John Goodman is excellent, as well as the supporting actors. For a great psychological, suspenseful treat, I heartily recommend.


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