Ricki and the Flash – Not Too Flashy, Just Right

When I heard about this film, I was intrigued. Meryl Streep playing a rock musician? It sounded pretty awesome. The promotional picture looked pretty cool too. One thing is for sure: Meryl looks great holding a guitar and wearing leather. Amazing for a woman in her sixties! Anyways, aesthetics aside, I really enjoyed this movie. But upon further reflection, if anyone else, or more specifically, a less top billed actor played Ricki, it would not have delivered the same punch. The story itself was, well, a little forgettable. A mother who essentially abandons her three children and husband to live her dreams as a musician, is beckoned home due to some family drama. It has all the makings of an indie family drama and isn’t very unique or fresh. The characters weren’t surprising, nor were the settings. The fact that the family was wealthy felt very hollywood to me as well. Perhaps this was done on purpose to juxtapose Ricki’s life, but it just didn’t work for me, felt too fabricated. The cinematography, direction and editing were par for the course as well. Nothing special here. This surprised me, since the director is Jonathan Demme, yes the one who once directed Silence of the Lambs. What makes the movie go from medicore to enoyable truly is Meryl Streep lending her talents. Without her, the film would have fallen flat. I recommend – but just know this film is really only as good as Meryl.


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