Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – Yes, Let’s!

I just finished reading Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by Davis Sedaris. No, not read, devoured. I can’t remember enjoying a book this much in a awhile. It was so entertaining, so funny, so brutally honest. Sedaris is an excellent writer, humorist, and his anecdotes shine light on the painfully true insights encased within. It is a quick read, each chapter a essay. As Sedaris is known for, most of the chapters are stories of his life – growing up in his rowdy childhood home with his four sisters and brother, his relationships with his parents, moving out as a young adult, traveling the world. Sprinkled throughout are six essays in which he writes from the perspective of a fictional person of his creation. The best part of this book isn’t the constant laugh out loud moments, or the way the prose quickly unravels each ridiculous moment, but in how at the end of each one a nugget of truth lies. Almost sobering, but not quite too dark, lies a truth you and I know to be true but don’t want to admit it. It is easy to laugh at Sedaris’ complete honesty of the mean, bad  and stupid things he has done, thought or said, but it is another emotion entirely when you realize you yourself have been guilty of the same behavior. I heartily recommend this book.


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