Saturday = (Light) Foreign Flick Night: Review of Zero Motivation

Craving a film that was unique yet not too heavy, I decided to give a foreign flick a go – something I haven’t done in awhile. The film is called Zero Motivation – billed as a smart, dark comedy detailing the lives of three young women in the conscription in Israel, serving their required two years in the IDF. I popped a big bowl of popcorn and invited a friend over telling her I had a comedy for us to watch. Now, to be clear this friend is adventurous and used to my risky film watching behavior – we joke often about the ridiculous and sometimes traumatic films I have exposed her to. So when the Hebrew subtitles began she gave me a look like, “what am I in for this time?” However, we were both pleased with the film. Although dealing with such heavy handed themes such as military, suicide, national identity, gender equality and even sexual assault, it never gets too incredibly dark or heavy. Intelligent comedy bookends the darker moments, leaving the viewer with a palatable taste in their mouth, while thinking about the themes later after the credits roll. One of the major themes was of gender equality – a theme I am passionate about. The commentary was fresh though, beneath the lens of a perspective that was new to me. All in all, this film was entertaining, intellectually stimulating, taught me new things about a culture I am all but unfamiliar with, and provided some good laughs. I recommend heartily.


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